BIM Modelers

BIM Modelers

Our team of resources and work including Architects, General Contractors, Engineers, and Builders present their work in a building information model. This in turn enables them to cut downtime and cost giving them more value compared to conventional 2D drafting. The detailed design is arrived at by using multiple levels of drafting in detailing and development varying from LOD 100 -LOD 500.


  • Electrical BIM Modelers
  • Structural BIM Modelers
  • Architectural BIM Modelers
  • Mechanical BIM Modelers

Advantages of Face Recognition Time Tracking

Automated time tracking system:

A time and attendance system using facial recognition technology can accurately report attendance, absence, and overtime with an identification process that is fast as well as accurate.

Labor cost savings: 

Facial recognition software can accurately track time and attendance without human error. It keeps track of the exact number of hours an employee is working, which can help save the company money.

Tighter security: 

Facial biometric time tracking allows you to not only track employees but also add visitors to the system so they can be tracked throughout the worksite. Access can be denied to any person not in the system.

When contagious illnesses such as colds and viruses spread throughout the workforce, it can increase the incidence of employee absences and significantly reduce productivity. 

Time saving and reduced contagion:

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