CCTV System


Profile Corporation makes available an extensive spectrum of CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera system installation and support facilities. Installing a CCTV security system can securely account for the major part of the security technology market.

CCTV System design is rapidly growing utilized for applications beyond crime detection, including traffic monitoring, crowd control, and finding operational proficiencies in retail.


The technological abilities of CCTV Security Systems include:

Analog and IP camera solutions

High definition resolution

Motion-activated light and sound deterrence

Night vision technology

Infrared detection

Off-site monitoring and control

Multiple camera Viewing

Remote Viewing

Long Lasting Services

We have all your CCTV camera system needs covered:

Professional system installation

System configuration and training

Maintenance and repairs

telephone tech support

24/7 emergency service


One of the biggest nightmares in your home or business is a burglary or an action of vandalism. Our CCTV systems services are delivered by a highly skilled and qualified team of engineers and installers. We, Profile Corporation gives you completely a different variety of CCTV camera systems and solutions to observe the activity around your home or business.

CCTV System