Door Access Control System

Door Access Control System

Door Access Control System Leading provider in Qatar. If you are looking for an access control system or door access control solution as a part of your door security system to make your doors and gates highly smart and secured, you are at the right place. We are here to help you with the best system for smart door access solutions in Qatar.


BNB Security and Automation have occupied a place. The company with its excellent and continuous services made a high impact in terms of profits. We encourage quality service to our clients every time they report us. The expert wing with modernization in their minds and to overcome the insecurities, access control systems were gratifying to most of the industries.

Private and public sectors install access control systems for safety and security. As insecurity is the only thing the individuals fear, security features and improvements slowly degraded the insecurity feeling among the individuals. Profile Corporation provides the design and installation of access control systems to ensemble precise requirements. We present a wide choice of suave, personalized access control systems architecture together with code, card, and biometric entry as well as face recognition entry entry. All are entirely auditable, which is important for commercial and superior properties.


We also provide advanced IP-based technology when it comes to designing its architecture, installation, and servicing access control systems and intercom system

Access control system types:

Biometric and facial recognition access control system - used to track attendance.

Proximity access control system - confidential, limited access.

Door access control system - electromagnetic lock with varying levels of security.

Security access control system - a customized system used for multiple purposes.

The priority for access control systems is higher compared with other types of security systems. The access control system companies in Qatar have made a revolutionary impact, and one among them is BNB. We keep on optimizing our systems with continuous execution and efforts.

Our Leading Partners: 

Door access control solutions based on User, Zone and Time


Face Recognition and Multispectral Biometric Fingerprint Access Control solutions


Secure Sensitive Areas with Advanced Access Control Features

IP based Architecture to Enhance Reliability and Scalability

Benefits Of Implementation Of Door Access Control Solution

Centralized access control system with Monitoring and Control of Multiple Devices and Locations

Get Real-time Notification on Exceptions

Integrate Fire Alarm and other Devices for better Safety and Security