Electronic Locker Solution 

Electronic Locker Solution

Profile Corporation leading provider of electronic locker solution in Qatar. Valuable assets such as keys, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and barcode scanners easily go missing

CaptureTech has developed the Cap Locker as a solution to securely store your valuable assets.


CaptureTech’s Electronic Locker: offers a 100 % secure, easy, efficient asset management and complete insight into issued items with track and trace functionality. The best locker solution in Qatar.


CaptureTech Key Management Solution provides a very effective way to control access to, and traceability of, equipment usage. At the same time, CaptureTech Key Management Solution systems encourage significantly higher levels of user accountability and hence responsibility which often results in less damage, fewer losses, and reduced operating costs for your business.


CaptureTech is the leader in asset and key management solutions. Our Key and Locker Management products integrate with OnGuard, providing real-time tracking of key and asset transactions and movements as well as control over which employees and visitors have access to those assets.

The integration allows the following:

Control access to keys and assets via access levels.


Real-time synchronization of cardholder, visitor, and badge data from On Guard to    CaptureTech’s KeyCop WebManager.


View all Key and Locker related events in On Guard, including removals and returns of all assets, alarms, door opens.


Automatically deny access in KeyCopWebManager when an employee leaves or card is disabled in CaptureTech

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