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Fibre Optics Splicing & Testing


Profile Corporation is skilled expertise in fiber optic splicing and testing. As the fastest growing fiber, optical expertise Profile Corporation has accepted any major projects in Qatar.

We make available for secured, first-class services on timely delivery. We guarantee that there will be a minimum slow down, so your business can function at full volume as soon as possible.


Fiber Optic Splicing and Testing Services Include:

Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing

Aerial and Underground Fiber Optic Construction

Single Mode/Multi-Mode Capabilities

Active Fiber Splicing

Fiber Optic Reel Testing

Network Acceptance Testing

Sheath Monitoring Equipment Installation

Network Monitoring

Proudly can say that our engineers have optic fiber certification and are experienced in fiber optic splicing and testing systems. Our well-experienced crew handles the modernized high-quality equipment which allows for superior efficiency in the installation process, which requires specific fiber Optic splicing tools and kits for cutting, finishing, and joining fiber optic cables.

Our Fiber Optic splicing and testing tools are carrier-grade and are standardized in a systematic order to confirm that your optic fiber networking is without any disturbances. Our engineers conduct fiber optic testing and repairs to see if your optic fiber cables are properly installed and working.

Fibre Optics Splicing & Testing