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GPS Tracking System


Profile Corporation is innovative in GPS tracking systems manufactures that delivers industry-leading GPS Tracking System for vehicles to small as well as large companies in and around the State of Qatar.


Our team had an exclusive GPS tracking system, software that is designed to build an autonomous tracking server. GPS tracking system advantages agree to control clients for services, usage of custom server name, design, broad functionality, opportunities are boundless. Profile Corporation has years of market experience and our expertise has molded & delivered scalable explanations with considerable business assistance to our customers.


GPS Tracking System Features:

Compact & Certified GPS Tracking System can be hidden in the vehicle

Internal GPS & GSM Antennas

Relay Circuit to control vehicle ignition in emergency

Monitoring of Ignition Status, Speed, Towing, Idling, Geo-Fence facilities.

GPS Tracking System Software Features:

Accessible from any internet enabled device
Fleet Management
Geo-fencing entry-exit alerts
Client-specific customization
Scheduled Reports
Live tracking with a replay of historic tracks
Integration with Google Enterprise maps

GPS Tracking System