Guard Patrol System

Guard Patrol System

IPTV system installation in Qatar. Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is the advancement in television with the latest broadcasting technology, delivering TV programs through internet streaming instead of other media like satellite, fiber optic cable, etc. Globally, IPTV subscriber numbers are increasing, driven by technological development, a need for HD channels and video on demand. Subscription numbers are also increasing due to new market expansion. Improved viewer experience and better infrastructure and devices have also led to the emergence of bundled voice – video and data services

IPTV system leading providing company in Qatar. An integrated platform for simultaneously delivering multiple TV channels over IP protocol to the desktop and television environment.

IPTV System best solutions in Qatar. A coGuard Patrol Products are one of the Qatar leading providers of high-tech guard patrol systems, security guards equipment, tracking software, devices, security guard supplies, security officer equipment supply. Our security patrol monitoring system and device can be used to keep track of where your staff are and monitor that duties are being carried out correctly. This ensures that rounds are completed efficiently and eliminates the need for cumbersome time-sheets and paper-trails.







System Applications Highlights:

Supervise guards(in a building , shopping center, school, hotel, factory, etc)


Supervise employees


Monitoring Service(for example, dispensing machines)


Supervision of hours and place of work.


Protection of airport and supervision of works


Storage systems


Military Patrols


Daily round of nurses


Remote equipment inspections and maintenance

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Guard Patrolling System Benefits:

Replace the full or partial day of guards.


Respond immediately to alarms and problems


It allows access to customers and authorized personnel.


Produces incident reports for administrative or police follow-up

Patrol Management System is a convenient and powerful software that helps in patrol planning, report generation, shift assignment, database maintenance and hardware settings. The functions of patrol management are scheduled automatically and predefined locations can be controlled based on actual time. Patrol history and related reports, guard patrol performance report etc., helps to manage own team and vendor performance effectively. Emergency alerts points and incident reporting helps improve security and scanning of checkpoints through NFC and BLE using low-cost Android devices makes it simple and cost-effective implementation.

mponent-based design allows customers to increase capacity in a controlled manner to meet the demands of their end-users and, unlike other systems, it’s unique software architecture allows multiple services to operate on the same platform thereby turning the IPTV head-end unit into an Application Server that can also support the other products of our “multiple plays” offer if required.