IPTV System

IPTV System

IPTV system installation in Qatar. Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is the advancement in television with the latest broadcasting technology, delivering TV programs through internet streaming instead of other media like satellite, fiber optic cable, etc. Globally, IPTV subscriber numbers are increasing, driven by technological development, a need for HD channels and video on demand. Subscription numbers are also increasing due to new market expansion. Improved viewer experience and better infrastructure and devices have also led to the emergence of bundled voice – video and data services

IPTV system leading providing company in Qatar. An integrated platform for simultaneously delivering multiple TV channels over IP protocol to the desktop and television environment.

IPTV System best solutions in Qatar. A component-based design allows customers to increase capacity in a controlled manner to meet the demands of their end-users and, unlike other systems, it’s unique software architecture allows multiple services to operate on the same platform thereby turning the IPTV head-end unit into an Application Server that can also support the other products of our “multiple plays” offer if required.

Convergent prepaid & postpaid model reduces excessive infrastructure expenses.


Real-time services activation and flow through allows easy recharge options for subscribers


Easier revenue sharing among partners (broadcasters & content providers)


Faster and easier business development for the dealer- resellers who can better manager commission sharing structure

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IPTV solution allows Service Providers to offer a one-stop solution for a subscriber’s data, voice over broadband, and IPTV needs.

These services are offered through flexible product catalogs and across platforms so as to suit subscriber needs.