People Counting System

People Counting System

We provide the most dependable People counting system solutions in Qatar. Profile Corporation provides a broad-based, comprehensive set of solutions for human traffic analysis. Please click on sections in the pie chart below to view information about each type.

A people counting system provides tools to save money, gain valuable analytics, improve the visitor experience, and optimize operations.

Benefits of People Counting

Calculate your store's conversion ratio

Compare store performance across a worldwide network

Calculate your footfall patterns

Optimize your building layout and staffing levels

Improve customer service

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People counting technology forms the basis for a range of high-tech solutions, including retail analytics, queue management, and space utilization applications.To make effective business decisions, you need good intelligence - and that’s what footfall counters provide. Accurate and reliable footfall measurements allow you to:

Retail Sensing systems not only measure footfall and count people, but manage queues, display occupancy, track shoppers around stores, show heat maps of most visited areas, log passenger numbers, and provide marketing information. The technology provides the basis for many applications in retail, leisure, and other sectors.