Public Address System


Profile Corporation is the fastest growing Public-Address system application company in and around the state of Qatar. Our sound experts will make certain your system matches your volume, delivering engineered accuracy that guarantees a fresh, crisp message each time.

Whether for theaters, outside concerts, auditoriums – we can take on the acoustic proposal for any place or event and plan appropriate public address (PA) systems.


Our PA System Design provides:

Profile Corporation’s Public-Address system design delivers an easy way of information and entertainment circulation to the masses while offering excellent scalability and configuration alternatives. We provide you Public Address system from a sole source, letting you achieve your duties as an organizer.

Send live or recorded messages

Integrate with existing sound systems

Broadcast emergency notifications or alerts

Deliver music programs

Can be interacted with many building systems

Transmit via IP or wired networks

Are customizable to accommodate any size property

Public Address System