Time Attendance & HR Management Services


Profile Corporation’s Time & Attendance services can non-invasively unite with any major HRIS (human resource information system) or payroll systems and third-party time and attendance platforms. The system permits your HR services to set up schedules, shifts, and patterns for your global manpower.

HR Management services we provide solutions to allies with small, medium, and growing businesses to create offices where staff is appreciated and valued for the input they make. Through teamwork and a common vision, our customers attain high levels of employee engagement which results in greater business performance.


Our solution of Time & Attendance support services enables you to successfully handle, manage and compute the exact accuracy of your worker time put in for fruitful results. Computerized time and attendance have a direct inference on the efficiency and competence of your human resource. You can save unnecessary expenditures, can calculate your labor productivity, can truncate labor charge and uplift employee overall productivity by keeping in check the right time and attendance system.

Time Attendance & HR Management Services